CamOnApp launches CamOnApp Studio, its web editor to create experiences in augmented reality.

With a friendly and entirely desktop environment, CamOnApp Studio is the fundamental tool for design professionals, creatives and students to generate their own augmented reality experiences in a simple and intuitive way. Based on the logic of most design environments, CamOnApp Studio allows you to create RA experiences that can include 2D designs, 3D, videos, animations, transitions, links to social networks, e shop functionalities and much more.

Augmented reality to see much more

Augmented reality to see much more Another feature that makes CamOnApp Studio so attractive, is that it has a reporting system that enables its users to access metrics of interactions and conversion of the experiences generated there. Starting to use CamOnApp Studio is very simple: generating a user and password for free, you can create experiences in draft or test mode. If the user wishes to publish these experiences so that anyone can scan them with the CamOnApp mobile app, they can do so by hiring experience packs or through a monthly subscription.

Try CamOnApp Studio for free here.