Augmented reality takes  Abasto Shopping of Buenos Aires.

Augmented reality came to Shopping Abasto hand in hand with Adidas, CamOnApp and The Temple of Futbol. In an action that bursts with new ways of communicating, in the recently inaugurated El Templo del futbol venue, visitors will find virtual augmented reality testers to learn about the latest Adidas boot models. The action was developed by CamOnApp and the agency Mandala Lab exclusively for Adidas in the grand opening of the local Abasto. The campaign has different augmented reality targets located within the trade and high traffic stickers strategically located in several points of Abasto Shopping. This campaign is a new challenge that adds to others made by CamOnApp for the fashion industry such as: Ohlalá Magazine, Nike and Samsung Watches. 

New purchase experience for customers

When scanning with CamOnApp, the interactor finds exclusive content of Adidas for the Temple of football, and the most novel and valued by customers and vendors of the store: a virtual tester of models of booties in 3d incorporated in an environment entirely of augmented reality. This case is an interesting example of how augmented reality helps optimize outlets and convert sales with creative content.

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