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Immersive ads

Check out the latest advertising format:
Augmented Reality and 360° Ads

Augmented Reality Ads for product viewing

Through this banner, users can access an interactive 3D model of a product when they’re browsing the web. They can rotate it 360°, change the color, click on different buttons and position the product in their own environment (e.g. living room, desk, closet, etc.) through Augmented Reality.

360° Ads for virtual stores and games

This type of display ads allows users to explore a 360° environment when browsing the web. When navigating through it, they can know more about the brand through different interactions like games, trivias and more. This format generates high brand recall and greater permanence from users.

Web AR Display Ads

By clicking on the ads, users can see a hyper-realistic 3D version of the item and visualize it with Augmented Reality. Thus, this solution helps to encourage the purchase decision and traffic in the E-commerce channel, improving the online shopping experience and increasing user retention.

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