Arcor Jugos new promo with CamOnApp technology

Arcor launched a new campaign for its juice line, incorporating augmented reality into packaging. The experiences include a roulette with the characters of Marvel, Paramount, Pixar, in which the interactors can learn about the different attractions of each Orlando park. It also contains a button to load container code to participate for a trip. The augmented reality experience developed by CamOnApp is available in all Arcor Jugos distinguished packs with images of classic movie characters such as Spiderman, Transformers and Shrek among others. The instructions for the interactor are:

  1. Scan with CamOnApp the Arcor Jugos pack identified with the characters of the campaign.
  2. Turn the roulette to know more about the experiences
  3. Upload promo code to participate for a trip to Orlando


The Arcor Jugos campaign has been broadcast on TV, Radio and Via Pública since October. These experiences are the second instance of joint work of Arcor and CamOnApp, after the successful “Magical Promo Arcor Helados” made in 2016. The campaign is an interesting case of how augmented reality can enrich the content of packaging, creating innovative messages for brands.

Download CamOnApp on Itunes and Google Play and scan the images to see more:

Watch the TV Comercial: